1. Training Tourism Industry Professionals and Local Community

Developing skilled tourism professionals is essential for promoting tourism industry. The Council helps by offering training programmes, organizing seminars for the tourism industry, providing experienced staff to support regional tourism promotion and organizing activities to develop the next generation of tourism industry professionals. The Council strives to achieve this through tripartite collaboration among industry, government and academia.

    • Training personnel to create regional tourism areas
    • Providing experienced staff to support regional tourism promotion
    • Holding seminars for the tourism industry
    • Organizing sponsored lectures and seminars through industry-academia collaboration
    • Promoting talents in the tourism industry through scholarships and educational loans
    • Offering technical and marketing consultancy services
    • Organizing training sessions for artisans/weavers at regular interval to update them about new trends and techniques in the handloom and handicrafts sector

2. Promoting Creation of Attractive Tourism Destinations

To stimulate regional tourism-based activities and contribute to strengthening local areas and industries, the Council promotes infrastructure formation for tourism area development through the participation of a broad range of local parties. It works in cooperation and coordination with tourism-related industries and bodies promoting circuit tourism to refer visitors to neighboring areas and attract new visitors. It also carries out research on the knowhow and methods needed for creating tourist areas.

    • Promoting infrastructure formation for tourism area development
    • Referring visitors to tourism areas and attracting more visitors
    • Introduction of special awards for exemplary contribution in tourism industry

3. Identifying New Markets for Handloom and Handicraft Products

The Council continuously works towards identifying new markets for handloom and handicraft products to promote and support the sector. It serves as a platform for the artisans and weavers to connect with the potential buyers.

4. Creating Tourism Demand by Promoting New Tourism

The Council promotes new tourism such as business tourism, medical tourism, and identifies & develops new tourism resources, and creates new tourism items. It periodically investigates trends, needs and evaluation of tourists, shares this information with regions and tourism industry. Additionally, it collects and provides information on tourism in order to stimulate demand in these areas.

    • Supporting regional tourism strategies by researching tourism trends, etc.
    • Promoting creation and use of new tourism items
    • Setting up of tourist information centers in order to stimulate demand
    • Collecting, organizing and providing regional or seasonal tourism information
    • Organizing and providing statistical data for use of regional tourism development