Welcome to Innovative Council of Indian Tourism

Innovative Council of Indian Tourism (ICIT) is constituted as a national centre for Indian tourism and is engaged in promoting India as the leading global tourist destination. The Council envisions promoting the growth of regional economies and tourism industry, thereby enriching Indian citizens’ lives & culture.

ICIT works towards:

  • Encouraging international goodwill by promoting domestic sightseeing destinations
  • Organizing educational tours for FTO (Foreign Travel Operators) and DTO (Domestic Travel Operators)
  • Fostering foreign investment and technical knowhow in the tourism industry

The Council endeavours to effectively promote tourism by supporting regional tourism promotion activities and facilitating coordination between the regions and the tourism industry.

The Council consists of members from the tour and travel organizations, hotels & resorts and institutions connected with the travel trade fraternity.

  • To create tourism-oriented country by educating the public about its importance and by being actively involved in activities to help tourism in India
  • To promote regional tourism development for the benefit of both residents and visitors
  • To train tourism industry professionals and work to strengthen tourism industry
  • To make the most of unique local traditional, cultural and natural assets to promote tourism demand
  • To enhance the international competitiveness of domestic sightseeing areas
  • To support improvement programs for the long term financial sustainability of the subject tourism assets/products
  • To protect and promote heritage assets for future generations

The Council supports activities organized by members or related bodies. In addition, it gathers recommendations from industry and presents them to the government and related bodies.

The Council also works to familiarize and sensitize the public about the tourism industry by providing lectures for citizen groups, holding tourism education classes and undertaking extensive outdoor publicity campaigns.

The Council publicizes its activities, training programs and latest information on tourism trends on its website, e-zines for members and print publications. It publishes useful books on tourism statistics, regional tourism development, human resources development and hospitality aimed at people working in the industry.

Public Relations and Outreach activities

  • Holding meetings and conferences
  • Publishing a periodical on the Council’s activities
  • Website-based public relations
  • Issuing various publications
  • Providing lectures for citizen groups
  • Holding tourism education classes